SAT / ACT Prep

Diagnostic Testing: SAT or ACT
- Our 3-hour Diagnostic test, will determine which test is best for any student. In order to - reach the highest possible test scores, students and parents will learn which test to focus on from day one.

New Package Program
- One-on-One training sessions followed by UNLIMITED access to classroom work, real tests, and tutoring guidance at very low fixed rates until student reaches desired test scores.

One-on-One and Semi-private
- We customize the training for every One-on-One student, we customize plans for Semi-Private groups and large groups
- We customize plans of study for maximum score increases.

Mock Testing: Preparing for the Big Day
- Two weeks and One week ahead of the Big Test Day, students gather at our center to take real test given under actual testing conditions, administered by an experienced proctor.
- Our students learn Time Management and Test Anxiety Control techniques in order to maximize their scores.


▸ Study for Subject Tests or AP Courses:
- Calculus
- Physics
- Biology
- Chemistry

▸ Enrichment: More than Passing a Test AP classes are more and more required by colleges and the competitive nature of the tests is driving our tutors for success.
AP training will last way longer than high-school and will teach students discipline, commitment and dedication.

It all starts with:
- How to read a textbook How to take notes
- How to organize and manage time and homework

Take advantage of the vast experience of our tutors


All levels of high school math

Our tutors provide the most effective, efficient and straightforward training for school disciplines.
- Algebra I
- Geometry
- Algebra II
- Trig / Pre-Calc
- Calculus AB
- Calculus BC
- College Algebra
- Physics, Biology, Chemistry.

▸ College Search - Create college lists and assess admission chances

▸ Organize the Application - Create calendars; never miss a deadline

▸ The Make or Break Essay

We have the experience to help you find your voice, and keep it real

Welcome to Alex Damian SAT/ACT Prep

Damian SAT/ACT Prep provides the most effective preparation for standardized tests offered anywhere. Our test-prep programs were designed by our founder, Alex Damian, who spent 42 years working with thousands of students in Europe, Canada, and the U.S. Alex developed unrivaled expertise in the field of test preparation and proudly provides families in Palm Beach County with the opportunity to achieve success in college admission and scholarship awards.

Alex Damian and 6 professional tutors, who specialize in SAT/ACT, AP exams, Subject tests, GMAT, GRE, LSAT, and academics, provide high school students with personalized strategies to overcome the testing tricks and maximize their time management skills. Damian SAT/ACT Prep tutors are also equipped to work with local, out of state, and overseas students in person or online

Need More Information?

We proudly serve families in Palm Beach County since 1997 achieving success in college admission and scholarship awards.

We raise our students' SAT and ACT scores by more points, more consistently, than any other tutors, programs, or courses available: 340+ on the new sat, and 8+ on the act.

If you're worried about your child's test scores, don't be. With the right program and proper instruction, any student is capable of incredible SAT and ACT scores.

We have worked with thousands of students 1-on-1, and thousands more through our online programs and curriculum. We have improved and adapted our methods to match the constant changes in the standardized tests taking arena.

We put our students on a systematic, holistic preparation program that eliminates their weaknesses and amplifies their strengths, resulting in score improvements that no other tutor in our area or online can match. Read below to learn more about our tutoring process, the Package Program and our track record. I'm looking forward to working with you!

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Offered 2 weeks before each National Test. Powerful strategies and techniques presented by our expert tutors. Registration required.

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ACT Science Workshop

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