At Damian SAT ACT Prep and Educational Consulting of Palm Beach Gardens we advise or students that if this is your first ACT and you are looking for more information about your performance you need to use the test scores as a study guide and you should order the Test Information Release. At Damian SAT ACT Prep we educate our students about the TIR and why you should no matter what order it.

What Is Test Information Release?

Test Information Release is in fact the scoring assessment of your test. It gives you the correct answers as well as your answers to all the questions. Along with the answer sheet you will receive a blank booklet with all the sections listed. Your window for ordering the TIR is up to 3 months after you take the test. The cost of requesting tht TIR is $20.

Summary of what you get:

  • A copy of the booklet with multiple choice answers test questions
  • A list of your answers
  • The correct answer key
  • A copy of the essay prompt and essay scoring guidelines along with your essay scores, if you took it

You will also receive information about ordering a photocopy of your answer sheet (and essay, if you took the ACT with Writing) for an additional fee.

Test Information Release is only offered for the December, April and June ACT test dates at national test centers. The TIR is not available on the other test dates.

Reasons to Order Test Information Release

There are several reasons you might order TIR as a supplement to your regular score report, including its usefulness for future studying and its clarification of the mistakes you made on the test.

Reason #1: It’s a Great Studying Tool!

If you’re planning on taking the ACT more than once, Test Information Release is an excellent resource. It allows you to review the test questions and see if careless mistakes flawed the score how to avoid repeating them next time you take the test. Focusing on the mistakes you made in a real test environment will increase the efficiency of your prep time.

The ACT says on the order form for TIR that “you should not expect to receive [your TIR materials] before the registration deadline or in time to study for the next test date.” Guess what: the TIR will be in your mailbox physically at least 5 days before the next test. TIR can be super useful as a study guide.

Reason #2: The score is a surprise and you want to understand why

If you’re stumped by your ACT score, ordering Test Information Release can help you make sense of what happened. With full access to the questions, it’s more likely that you will remember why you made certain mistakes.

If you believe an error was made in the scoring process and are considering going a step further and ordering a Hand Scoring for the ACT, you should order TIR first. Hand Scoring means that 2 real humans from the ACT will review your answers to see whether there was a mistake in the scantron scoring process. This is relatively expensive ($45 for multiple choice or essay, $90 for both), so you should make sure you have a good reason to do it.

How to Order Test Information Release

If you already know you want to order Test Information Release before you sign up for the ACT, you can order it along with your original registration (check the TIR box during online registration). You should receive your materials four weeks after your scores are released. Damian SAT ACT Prep believes the time will be significantly lower.

If you order TIR after the test, your order has to be postmarked within three months of the test date. You must send the form and check via snail mail.

Mail the form, along with a check for $20 made out to ACT, to this address:

ACT Test Information Release
PO Box 4008
Iowa City, IA 52243-4008

You should expect to receive your materials three to five weeks after you send in the order form. Remember, you can only order TIR if you test on official dates in December, April, or June.



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