Part 1: How to Cancel Your ACT Scores

There many things that can happen before, during and after a test. Some situations have nothing to do with the test itself and some do. No matter what is the reason, it may happen that you feel like you have had a bad test. If you think you did poorly on the ACT test your thoughts are now: can I cancel my score? What are the ways to cancel the test?

At Damian SAT ACT Prep we teach our students 3 actions that can be taken in the situation you deal with a bad ACT test and potentially a damaging composite score. The 3 actions are: canceling scores, stopping college score reports, and deleting existing scores. At most we at Damian SAT ACT Prep advise parents and students alike to consider one or two of the 3 options. In this article we are going to go over all 3 options.

Option 1: Canceling ACT Scores

Again, If you had a bad day, if the calculator went dead at the beginning of the math test, you had to go to the bathroom and spend too much time of your test, or you simply could not move fast enough through one of the sections and therefore never finished the section, your first option is to cancel your scores. Although it is the most vigorous and stern action you can take, you can stop your exam from being even graded.

What Does Canceling Your Scores Do?

If you act in a timely manner, you are going to be able to cancel your scores which in fact means that your test will never be graded and you will never get a test score report. Again, it is the best reaction to a situation like getting sick during the test or any other emergency can take place. Due to the fact that the payment will not be refunded to you we at Damian SAT ACT Prep recommend you use this option only in extreme situation.

At Damian SAT ACT Prep Center we advise our students not to cancel the scores only because you feel bad about performance. You have paid for the test and you might as well wait and see your test scores and see where you are.

Many students leave the testing centers with the feeling they have failed completely the test and end up being really surprised by how well they did. The ACT is not yet superscored by the majority of the colleges like the SAT is but you can see where you are versus the scores expected by the colleges of choice. You are going to be in a better position when you are going to retake the ACT. OK, your scores are bad indeed. No problem, we will show you in this article how to delete the scores anyway.

As long as the majority of the schools do not expect you to send all your ACT scores you don’t need to panic. Remember that you need to send individual scores to schools. You do not have to send all scores. You can take the ACT up to 6 times and you do not have to send the low scores to colleges.

All you need to keep in mind for now is: if there was a sickness or emergency during the test, yes, you need to cancel your scores. If not, Damian SAT ACT Prep and Educational Consulting is advising you to wait until scores are back and eventually delete the college score recipients as we are going to show you in the next article.

How Do You Cancel Your ACT Scores?

You can only cancel your ACT score on the day of the exam, while you’re still at the test center. In order to do this, tell the exam proctor to void your scores before you leave the test center. We mentioned already, this is a drastic measure and it is warranted only by a sickness or by an emergency.

This will stop your test from being graded, and you won’t get a score. Damian SAT ACT Prep is advising students that If you don’t tell the proctor to void your score before you leave, there is nothing you can do to stop your test from being graded.

Damian SAT ACT Prep advises students to be careful: after starting the test, the test is assigned to your name and you either complete it or you cancel it. If an emergency comes up right before the test, just don’t break the seal and you will be allowed to postpone the registration to a different date. A dollar penalty will be applied but that is not important.

The same can be done if you cannot make it to the test center as well. Just switch the test date. Switching is done online using your ACT account you have created when you registered to take the test. You will have to pay the test date change fee, but that’s cheaper than a whole new registration.


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