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At Damian SAT ACT Prep Center we see way too often high school seniors that are undecided about what to write in their college admission essays. The students really struggle with the selection.

Our English Experts say this is a common problem that students can overcome with some training.

Do not worry about creating something perfect. It is just simply impossible. Several admission officers at different colleges will read you email and invariably, their reactions will be different. Therefore, do not shoot for perfection as long as you may never reach it. Anxiety is never the best advisor of our students Alex Damian posted recently in one of his blogs. Students can make a “good” or “very good” essay on their 3rd or 4th attempt.

Here are 10 brainstorming strategies Damian SAT ACT Prep Center experts recommend for college essays.

1. Brainstorm First

The first step we at Damian SAT ACT Prep Center recommend students to do is create a list of compelling ideas for colleges to be developed. Potential topics are very clear and listed on various websites.

Damian SAT ACT Prep Center advisors suggest: Students should make a list of their major strengths, key accomplishments and dreams for their future.  Personal and educational experiences significant to who you are should be listed next. People that affected your life and marked your personality should be next. Educational experiences important to you should be another item on your list. By generating an Excel spreadsheet with options categorized and ranked you will be able to decide on the options you have at hand.

2. Give Yourself Options

It’s important for applicants to choose the prompt that suits them rather than forcing their story to fit into a particular prompt.

If you’re still not sure about what to cover in your college essay, our experts say it might be helpful to try a few writing exercises and list as many potential essay subjects as possible. Use your excel spreadsheet list. If you do not feel comfortable writing about a subject, just dump it. Try items that give you plenty of material to talk about and discuss about.

3. Think Small

Many experts in college application essays suggest that students should focus on the specific item of choice in their life that defines them as sincere, humble, open minded individuals. No big picture description is needed at this level of creation.

4. Describe Your Goals

At Damian SAT ACT Prep Center we advise our students to feel free writing essays about their personal goals, incentives, and desires for the future instead of talking about past experiences they anyway do not have a full recollection of.

A tutor at Damian SAT ACT Prep Center is offering this advice: “I am encouraging my students to think about one thing, item, event, happening, that drives them to do what they do.” It can open a full array of potential topics for the college essay application. Once established, the subject will grow and become the main thing on the college essay application.

Do you play baseball? Football? Softball? Volleyball? Are you playing varsity sports at all? Are you involved with writing the high school newspaper? Maybe you like building things?

5. Target Your Audience

It is always a good idea to follow the advice offered by a former undergrad admissions officer at Stanford University: “Go to the website for the university you want to attend, find the buzz words it uses on the admission site, then try to come up with an essay that focuses on showcasing your ability to offer the qualities the specific school says it is looking to see,”

6. Avoid Bragging

College applicants sometimes assume their college essay needs to document a tremendous accomplishment, but bragging can backfire.

The idea is not to describe a dramatic story. A behind the scenes light on who you are, how you think, or what do you believe in is by far a much better idea. After all, the admissions officers know you are just at the beginning of your adult life, you are not yet a college student!

7. Tell a Story

There are experts in the field recommending students to open the essay by telling an anecdote, engaging the reader. That may be true but you need to make sure that the entire essay will be following the opening statements path. Let other people read your essay. Ask for their impressions.

8. Show Your Personality

Admissions officers say they understand that most teenagers have not had dramatic life experiences. Experts say the best college essays are great not because they describe an exciting event but because they convey an interesting way of looking at the world.

9. Consult a Mentor

It is one of the best ideas to follow when preparing a college essay. We at Damian SAT ACT Prep recommend our students to discuss with peers, family, teachers and get ideas, select and narrow down options. Let others read your essays and get their input.

10. Take Needed Breaks

College applicants often struggle with their college application essays due to a lack of confidence and excess stress. Taking breaks, listening to calming music, relaxing, are always a good idea for success.

Follow the 10 tips listed here and we are confident you will succeed in writing that great essay.


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